As practice shows, a huge number of people buy steroids on the Internet. One of the effective and inexpensive drugs is Danabol. The Danabol pack consists of 100 tablets of 10mg. This choice to buy Dianabol is guided by people who have been advised or read somewhere about its properties, effects. But after making a purchase, they ask a question and start looking for a course to take Dianabol, but they don’t always find the information they need. There are several courses of taking Dianabol, they are very simple and give good results after good use.

Combined Danabola Courses

Recommended tip:

The initial course of taking Danabol consists of: 2 tablets per day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. A smaller dose of danabol one tablet will do nothing and just waste your time. On the day of training, it is best to take the tablets two hours before and in a single dose, it will give the best result during training. After a full cycle of taking Danabol, it is best for anyone who cares about their body to drink: Tribulis – will help maintain muscle mass, Tamoxifen, Clomid, Proveron, Nolvadex, Liv 52 – will help cleanse the liver .

Application and courses

Dianabol courses of use in most cases are simple. The drug is generally used during periods of muscle gain and strength building, when the bodybuilder or athlete is not overly concerned about water retention and swelling. Therefore, the use of the Dianabol course is typical of the “off-season” period, when bodybuilders strive to achieve the above goals. As a rule, the drug is included in the course with some injectable anabolic steroids, which are often used as one of the variants of testosterone, for example, testosterone enanthate.

In most cases, Dianabol is used for the first 4-6 weeks of a muscle building and muscle building cycle and begins to work when the user expects the effects of a slower injectable (eg. testosterone enanthate). The use of Dianabol launches the required mechanisms from the very beginning of the course and allows you to achieve maximum results. It would be very risky to use Dianabol for more than 4-6 weeks due to its structural characteristics in the form of C17-alpha alkylation which leads to a negative effect on the liver (and cholesterol levels in particular). This is another reason why methandrostenolone is used as an initial treatment for a maximum of 4-6 weeks.

Short courses of Dianabol are sometimes combined with the use of short testosterone esters, which are fast acting. The most commonly used is testosterone propionate. However, the course of Dianabol in these cases remains toxic for more than 4-6 weeks (whereas testosterone propionate, for example, can often be extended further if desired).

Combined Danabola Courses

Common course n. 2 of taking Danabol

After a week, the athlete can gain weight up to two kilograms. This is due to the fact that Danabol promotes water retention in the body. The dosage for a beginner is 50 mg and for a mature bodybuilder up to 100 mg.

The Danabola course of intake is designed for a package of Danabol of 100 tablets, 20 tablets of Colomid and Proveron.

  • When starting Danabol, you should take 20mg, or 2 tablets per day, for the first three days.
  • After 3 days, the dosage should be increased to 3 tablets, 30 mg. Take the next 7 days. You can drink 1 tablet after 3 hours.
  • After a week, the dosage is increased again and 40 mg of Donabol are taken daily for 14 days. Distribute the daily dose evenly.
  • 14 days have passed, reduce the dosage by 30 mg per day. We accept within 5 days, assuming uniform dosing. Danabol course is over.

Clomid should be taken as a cure immediately after 10 days of Danabolp cure. Clomid should be consumed until the end of the course, one tablet per day. Clomid helps to gain good muscles with a small amount of water. Thus Clomid helps to avoid the accumulation of fluids in the body.

As for Proveron “Provimid”, it is necessary to take one tablet at the end of the Danabol cycle for 20 days. Proveron helps to quickly restore testosterone in the body, because Danabol suppressed this process.

Dianabol is very rarely used as a fat burner, although some users use it for this purpose. Such use is not recommended due to estrogenic negative effects (fluid retention and bloating). Due to water retention in the body, it can be difficult to assess physical fitness during a diet. There is an ambiguous attitude towards Dianabol cycles intended for fat burning, since fat loss is achieved primarily through the athlete’s diet and does not depend on which of the anabolic steroids was used.