Not everyone has the courage to endure a lot of strenuous muscle building workouts. It also happens that despite all the efforts, the exercises do not bring the expected result. Often, when there is no more strength but they still want to be in shape, many athletes start taking dianabol.

Dianabol or, as it is often called, “Methane” first appeared on the market in 1958 in the United States. Over a long period of its existence, the drug has managed to gain tremendous popularity around the world, also due to its low price and effectiveness. Its active ingredient is methandrostenolone. Each tablet contains 10 mg. Danabol is manufactured by the Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceuticals, where it is completely legal and sold in pharmacies. It is especially popular with bodybuilders, powerlifters and powerlifters.

Dianabol post-cycle therapy

Admission rules

There are two types of medication: oral and injectable. The second option is practically uncommon among athletes and is extremely rare.

For those just starting their athletic journey, it is recommended to take a maximum of 10 mg (1 tablet) per day and monitor the body’s response to steroids. If all is well and you have no contraindications, you can increase the dose to 20-30 mg per day for 7-8 weeks. It should be noted that the daily dose should not exceed 50 mg (5 tablets).

The half-life of danabol is 3-5 hours. There should be time for admission through these intervals. This will help keep the hormonal balance at the same level. It is better to take the drug after a meal so that the liver can more easily tolerate its toxicity.

Efficacy of Danabol use

“Methane” has established itself as an extremely effective tool. With its help, muscle fibers begin to grow faster, which leads to weight gain, as well as an increase in endurance and strength. This is due to the accelerated synthesis of proteins and glycogenesis in the body.

Other benefits of the drug include:

  • Increased appetite, which will allow you to gain muscle mass faster
  • Accelerated protein synthesis, leading to more intensive protein production
  • More strength and endurance
  • Bone tissue receives the most important trace elements and calcium

With proper intake of dianabol, you can gain about 7-10 kg of muscle mass in just a few weeks. Thanks to him, some athletes in the basic exercises managed to overcome the plateau and move to a completely different level. The drug is very common in weightlifting and powerlifting.

Side Effects

Despite all the benefits and effectiveness, the drug also has side effects. The most common include:

  1. The appearance of subcutaneous fat
  2. Hypertension
  3. High toxicity
  4. Increase in sexual desire during admission and decrease after the end of the course
  5. High levels of estrogen in the blood, which can have serious consequences
  6. Gynecomastia. Aromatase inhibitors should be taken to prevent this disease.

Another side effect that occurs with almost all of these medications is the accumulation of water in the body. Fluid builds up in muscle fibers, causing them to grow. However, at the end of the course the excess water disappears and you lose about 10-15% of your weight. Athletes call this “mass bounce”. Aromatase inhibitors can be used to reduce losses.

A good intake of Danabol will allow you to increase muscle mass by a few pounds in 2-3 weeks. Drug reviews are often extremely positive. Many athletes praise it for its availability and excellent performance, which will help to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is a common topic on steroid forums. In most cases, athletes place too much expectation on such therapy, and some athletes do not understand its essence. Therefore, you need to learn about the goals of postcyclical therapy, the expected effects, and the most desirable method of PCT. You also need to understand when to use this type of therapy and when not.

Dianabol post-cycle therapy

What is postcyclical therapy?

If an athlete completes his training process with an anabolic androgenic steroid, his natural hormone levels change. Most anabolics inhibit natural testosterone production to some extent. If you are not careful, estrogen and progesterone levels can become too high. These hormones can be controlled during the cycle using adjuvants, but testosterone will still be suppressed.

At the end of the course, the athlete stops taking all anabolics, so the use of the course must be completed competently. After you stop taking steroids, your testosterone continues to be inhibited, so doctors recommend increasing its natural production. This simulation is the main focus of the PCT and testosterone recovery factor, which has a strong impact on health.

When should post-cycle therapy be initiated?

Post-course treatment should be performed after stopping anabolic steroids. However, you need to be aware of some nuances. When the interval between steroid cycles is very small, the use of post-cycle therapy will not help, but it will cause additional damage to the body. Limited body loads are important during this period. If you refrain from taking steroids for a short time, there is no need to promote natural testosterone production.

By continuing to take anabolic steroids, the drugs will again have an active effect on the body, which is a big shock for him. Therefore, post-course therapy should only be given when the athlete has stopped taking steroids for a long time, so neither anabolics nor androgens will enter the body in the near future.

The question of the definition of steroid-free duration also arises. The countdown starts at 12 weeks. When an athlete does not intend to take anabolics for a shorter period of time, he will lose muscle mass during cycles, but will quickly return to the desired level of performance after re-training with concomitant stimulants. When an athlete takes a break for more than 12 weeks, he must apply post-cycle therapy. It should be noted that the period of discontinuation of steroids does not include the time of use of therapy after the cycle, that is, no anabolic drugs affect the body, including drugs used in PCT.